About me

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I work as a SysAdmin / OpsEngineer / CloudArchitect for a large construction company in Austria.


  • Graduate from HTL Villach - Informatics & Management in 2003
  • During my work I went to a lot of technical and organizational classes & also got the chance to share my knowledge/skills internally


  • Over 15 years working in a small team of a central operating (hosting) department, mainly focused on web technologies & automating all parts around it.

  • I am also a co-organisator of Docker meetups for our Docker South Austria meetup group, where I also gave a Docker 101 workshop. And I’m very happy that i got the chance to attend the DockerCon EU 2017 (in Copenhagen) & 2018 (in Barcelona).


  • Containers
    • Docker, Kubernetes, OpenVZ
  • Configuration Management
    • Puppet CE (including Foreman for visualization), Ansible
  • Web Technologies
    • Apache httpd, Apache tomcat, nginx
  • Programming
    • Bash, Perl, Python, Go
  • Operating Systems
    • Linux, mainly Ubuntu & Debian
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery & Deployment with GitLab
  • Cloud Technologies
    • Amazon AWS
  • Managing SSL certificates
    • Let’s encrypt (certbot), GoDaddy, AWS Certificate Manager
  • Monitoring
    • Zabbix, Grafana/Prometheus/Alertmanager
  • Backup
    • RSync, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Other tools to mention which I need/use regularly
    • Git, VSCode, Hugo, MediaWiki, VMWare, ElasticSearch/Kibana, CoreDNS, etcd,…